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End-to-end Logistics

Ever wonder how we get the farm fresh products to your shelves? It all comes down to logistics, and it's how LEAF works. Every year, we move many million tons of products from  farms to our processing centre to our distribution centers and from distribution centers to the shelves in stores and supermarkets. Our end-to-end logistics encompasses the following operations.

LEAF Logistics Chain

From Farms to Processing Units

Our procurement from the farms involves a clear understanding of the process of ripening of vegetables and fruits and optimum harvesting time followed by pre-cooling of freshly harvested produce and cold storing of the raw fruits and vegetables. The produces are processed in batches utilizing automated processing units for handling, cleaning, grading, drying, storage, treatment and packing. The packaged products are are stored in Cold rooms which is essential for retaining the freshness while enhancing the shelf life of the produces. These tropicalized refrigeration units which helps to exude requisite temperature are made by advanced technology used for preserving food grade items and have 24x7 generator power backup. Produces are retained here till they are dispatched to our regional Distributuion Centers (DCs) through our own Refrigerated Transfer Trucks (RTTs).

Refrigerated Transfer Trucks (RTTs)

LEAF is able to move goods to and from Distribution Centers because we maintain a private fleet of Refrigerated Transfer Trucks and a skilled staff of truck drivers. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS based navigation and real time remote tracking of vehicle location, cold room temperature and speed monitoring. Together with our truck drivers, we're constantly working to ensure that we're moving merchandise in responsible, sustainable ways. Drivers follow the most efficient routes to their destinations, and work to minimize the number of "empty miles" they drive. This way, we use less fuel, we drive fewer miles and we maximize the merchandise we deliver while minimizing adverse environmental impact.

Distribution Centers

LEAF's regional Distribution Centers, equipped with temperature controlled cold rooms are hubs of activity for our last-mile business operation. These distribution centers, strategically located across South India are stocked to provide farm fresh retail produce on demand to our retail store network across South India. Over time, we will be expanding to other geographies too.


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