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The Company


Our Vision is too see LEAF emerge as the most valuable connect for the farmer, distibutors and the consumers in the horticultural produce industry.


  1. Improve Farming Practices with the use of technology and knowledge to improve yield and quality, thereby benefiting the farmers. We will engage with farmers and improve their realisation from their farms. Educating the farmer, giving inputs and technology for contract farming and getting them the best prices is our mission.

  2. Improve Post Harvest Management by extensive use of technology and logistics to ensure minimal wastages and thereby improve the quality of the produce to the end consumer is our aspiration. We do this by using state of the art cold chain logistics, use of advanced processing equipments and by value addition to the wastages that happen today, by downstream value added products. This will ensure that the produce reaches the consumers in the shortest possible time from the farm, processed, sorted and packed. This will minimise losses for the stockists and thereby improve his realisations.

  3. The consumer will have the choice of getting produce with an assurance of quality.


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