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Agro Processing

Agro processing - turning primary agricultural products into other commodities for market - encompasses all operations from the stage of harvest till the material reaches the end users in the desired form, packaging, quantity, quality and price. Agro processing has the potential to reduce wastage, enhance food security, improve livelihoods for low-income groups and empower rural farmers.

Processes and equipment

Significant developments in technology has evolved over the past few years in Agro-processing technology that include better understanding of the process of ripening of fruits, optimum harvesting time, pre-cooling of freshly harvested produce, cold storing of the raw fruits and vegetables, sorting, cleaning and packaging technology for fruits.

LEAF has deployed state-of-the-art, completely automated processing units for handling, cleaning, grading, drying, storage, treatment, packaging and retail repacking.

Agro Processing workflow

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are essential for retaining the freshness, enhancement of shelf life of the produces, safe storage/packaging and development of better performing materials. LEAF has superior quality Cold Rooms confirming to international quality standards that helps in preserving and storing material for a long duration. These precision equipment are tropicalized refrigeration units which helps to exude requisite temperature and exceptional service backup. We have installed environment friendly PUF insulated Cold Rooms that are made by advanced technology used for preserving food grade items and have 24x7 generator power backup.

LEAF constantly tries to improve design, layout planning and development of pilot plants, agricultural produce bulk handling systems and area specific agro-processing models.

CORALENE antifog Packaging

All our products are packaged in the CORALENE antifog film, which is a Bi-oriented, co-extruded polyprop-ylene film for wrapping fruit and vegetable using flowpack packaging machines. The CORALENE antifog complies with EU and FDA regulations and the anti-fog effect is obtained without using solvents or lacquers based on PVC or PVdC.

CORAPACK is a global leader in the field of printed and perforated flexible film rolls, bags and sheets, in polypropylene, laminated polyethylene and polyester for packaging, specifically for foodstuff. The substantial experience, the constant updating of production procedures and the use of plants equipped with advanced technology enable the package to retain the freshness of the product while being extremely environment friendly.

Waste Management

Our R&D team supports the development of new products and processes for better economic utilization of agricultural residues, by-products and recycling of waste.


CORALENE antifog

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